Cuidado pañuelos

Usually people seek advice about how to care about scarves, particularly those made with

delicate fabrics as the modal, silk, or the virgin wool. Most manufacturers recommend in their

wash labels to dry clean only, to avoid problems, and if there is any stain on the scarf, it is

certainly the best choice.

But sometimes, what we need is to clean the scarf of cream scents, or traces of perfume.

Leave them out overnight usually work. However, in most of the delicate tissues, washing can

be done by hand, with cold water and a small amount of mild soap. It is better simply dipping

the piece, don’t rub or twist it, and let the soap to do its job. Then rinse and most importantly

do not hang it to dry but let it dry on a towel, so it does not warp.


Mix 230 gr of potash flakes with 0.5 liters of oil filtering (recycling of fry oil) and 10 liters of

water, and mix with the Blender (beware of breath that emanates from the mix). We get a

liquid soap that doesn’t harden, if desired you can add a few drops of essential oils or a bit of

fabric softener.

Mireia, who has been using this soap for years, has explained this recipe. I leave a link where

she sells not only her products, but those of other local producers.‎