We all have a drawer “from Grandma” where we keep old photos, a solitary earring, reminders

of good and not so good moments, and of course a shawl or scarf already forgotten

These vintage scarves still have plenty of life. If you are lucky enough to possess a Leonard,

Charles Jourdan or Romeo Gigli… among others, not only you can wear it, but also can frame it

and hang it: they are authentic works of art. But if what you have is a simple silk scarf, you can

reuse it as a decorative element. Here I give you a few ideas:

On a tray, with soaps and candles, exposing your jewelry.

As tape to pick up a curtain

Inside a glass jug, with an artificial or dried flower arrangement (see the article autumn


Tea tableclothe (see the article from the blog of coffee)

You can renew a necklace of costume jewellery making several knots for the headscarf and

combining it with the collar. (Be careful some necklaces can damage the scarf)

You can use it per wrap and bind a jug with flowers.

You can also wrap and bind a lamp to give an intimate atmosphere to a room. (Taking care not

to burn the tissue)

Or you can bind it in a summer hat.

If it is a pashmina it will look very nice on the couch.

All of that without having to destroy the scarf, but if what you want is to recycle it completely:


You can convert lamp arrangement in final.

You can use it to line a box, a calendar…

You can make a collar looking for a colorful stone hang

Or you can use it to wrap a gift.

And if you know how to sew, you can turn it into a piece of unique lingerie.

Almost anything can be done with a scarf.